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What should cats eat?

What should cats eat?

A well-balanced diet is key to keeping your cats eat happy and healthy. Here are some tips for feeding your cat.

Meat-based diet

To stay healthy and fit, cats need a balanced, meat-based diet. They will need a diet that is appropriate for their age, health, and lifestyle.

No human food. The majority of human food is not suitable for cats’ nutritional needs. Some human foods, like onions, can even be toxic to cats.

Cats eat small amounts of food every day. Unless your vet tells you otherwise, make sure to feed your cat every day.

Follow the instructions. Always follow and read the feeding instructions for the cat food that you purchase.

Feed your cat the right amount: Your cat’s needs will vary depending on their age, their lifestyle, and their health. So adjust the food to suit their needs. Cats who eat more than they need will become obese and could suffer. They’ll also become underweight if they eat too much.

Place their food and water far away from the litter tray if you have one. Cats won’t eat food that is too close to their bathroom.

Water to drink

Always ensure your cat has access to clean water. Water is essential for cats’ health. Without it, they could become very ill quickly. Don’t forget to drink water!

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