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Cats with heavy breathing

Heavy breathing in cats can indicate a serious health problem.

You should assess your cat’s breathing and panting if you notice them doing so. If your cat is breathing heavily or has other symptoms that are troubling, you should call the vet immediately. Pet owners are similar to everyone else in that they’re likely to be eager to pay less for medications and good health products to keep their pets in the best of health. We’re all for it and we are pleased to offer Revolution Plus World Pet Express discount codes.

Cats can have heavy breathing.

Although it is rare, some cats will pant. Consider what your cat was experiencing before they started panting.

Like dogs, cats can pant when they are anxious, overheated or engaged in strenuous exercise, such as being chased by dogs. If your cat pants for any of these reasons it should stop after the cat has had the chance to cool down, calm down or rest.

We’ve already mentioned that heavy breathing and panting are less common in felines than in dogs. If your cat is panting and you aren’t sure why, visit your vet.

Cats that have heavy breathing:


Asthma in cats can manifest as heavy breathing, increased respiratory rate, wheezing, chest tightening, and panting. Although asthma in cats cannot be treated, corticosteroids and bronchodilators can help.


A heartworm in cats can cause breathing problems. Supportive care for heartworm disease includes oxygen therapy and corticosteroids to lower inflammation. Our veterinarians recommend that your cat be on a monthly heartworm prevention medication.

Congestive Heart Failure & Hydrothorax

Hydrothorax refers to a condition where fluid builds up around the lungs. This can lead to rapid breathing, coughing and even panting. The treatment may include draining the fluid and medications to dilate blood vessels, eliminate excess fluid, and force the heart to contract.

Respiratory Infections

It may be difficult to breathe for your cat if they have a respiratory infection. Respiratory infections in cats can lead to heavy breathing and panting. Although these infections are usually caused by viral infections, they can often progress to secondary bacterial infections. To help your cat breathe better, antibiotics may be required. Humidifiers and steam can be used to loosen the mucus in your cat’s nose and improve their breathing.

Other conditions that can cause cats to breath heavy

Cats can experience heavy breathing due to anemia, neurologic disorders and trauma.

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