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Ukraine Zoo to Euthanize All Animals after Russia

Euthanize All Animals After Russian shelling destroyed its enclosures, zookeepers made the difficult decision to kill all large animals at a Ukrainian zoo.

Alexander Feldman, the founder of Feldman Ecopark, Kharkiv, said that many of the animals at the park survived the bombings. However, their enclosures were not safe and they are not anymore.

Kharkiv is Ukraine’s second-largest city and it is located just 40 miles from Euthanize All Animals Russia’s border

Feldman posted a Facebook video declaring that it was impossible to transport large animals with complex needs to safety. Feldman seemed to be close to tears while he spoke, and said that it seems the only option left is to euthanize them.

His words were translated on the screen as: “I am often asked about the park. Today, we will tell Kharkiv residents the park is gone. All infrastructure was destroyed by yesterday’s firing missiles.

“But miraculously, the lions and tigers survived, but their enclosures were severely damaged. They can escape at any time. The enclosures are in serious condition, just like the bears.

“Today’s decision is: Either we have the time to kill all the Euthanize All Animals them or accept an offer for their transportation. There is no way to redirect them, no idea, and there are no chances.

“If we have any ideas, maybe [we could save] some jaguars or panthers. However, all adult animals will likely be killed.”

Newsweek published a story a few days ago about Feldman’s worker who had brought rare tapirs safely to safety. The dramatic rescue was captured in a viral video.

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