The World’s Largest Eagles

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A Comparison of Mass, Length and Wingspan

Eagles belong to the diurnal bird of prey family. They are the largest of all birds. There are 60 species of eagles in the world, with New Zealand and Antarctica being the exception. Eagles are sturdy birds that can live in forests, mountains, forests, open plains, and near water. Habitat destruction, soil pollution, water pollution and hunting are the main threats to eagles. All governments around the globe are taking the necessary steps to protect endangered species, especially the Bald Eagle. The three main factors in determining the largest eagles worldwide are total length, body weight and wingspan. Based on their largest Wingspans, we will begin to list the largest eagles worldwide.

1.White Tailed Eagle (Maximum Wingspan – 253 cm cm or 8.3ft).

Based on its wingspan, the white-tailed Eagle is the largest eagle worldwide. It can be found in Greenland, Iceland, and as far east as Hokkaido in Japan. However, due to human activity, they are very rare and sparsely distributed as a nesting species. The white-tailed sea eagle is also known. It’s sometimes called the grey sea eagle, Eurasian sea bird or Eurasian sea Eagle. It is one of the most feared predators of all animals. They thrive in open water areas that include both coastal saltwater and inland freshwater.

2.Stellar Sea Eagle (Maximum Wingspan- 250 cm or 8ft 2in)

Stellar Sea Eagle, which has a wingspan measuring 250 cm (8ft 2in), is the second largest eagle on the planet. Peter Simon Pallas first described it in 1811. It has a dark brown plumage and white wings and tail. The unique yellow beaks and talons of the eagle species are distinctive. It can be found in coastal areas of northeast Asia, and preys on water birds and fish. The Ancient Greek logos “the open ocean/ocean” are the origin of the name of this eagle species.

3.Wedge-Tailed Eagle (Maximum Wingspan – 284 cm, 9ft 4in).

Wedge-tailed Eagles are Australia’s largest bird of prey, most often seen in southern New Guinea. It is well-known for its large wings and wedge-shaped tail. It can be found in Australia, including Tasmania and southern New Guinea.

4.Golden Eagle (Maximum Wingspan – 281 cm or 9ft3in)

The Golden Eagle is the largest eagle in the Northern Hemisphere. The species’ appearance is described as dark brown with lighter, golden-brown plumage at their napes. The species’ territories can extend up to 200 km2 (77 mi) in length. The species used to build large nests on cliffs or other high places, which they might return to for many breeding years. Golden eagles breed in spring, and both species can be reunited for many years or even their entire lives.

5.Martial Eagles (Maximum Wingspan – 260 cm, 8ft 6in).

The sub-Saharan African martial eagle is the largest eagle in the world. It is listed as one the most powerful eagles worldwide and preys on reptiles, birds, and mammals. It is unique in its hunting abilities, where it hunts at a high altitude and stoops on its quarry. It is the most endangered eagle species. This is due to its tendency to fall into livestock. Local farmers are trying to eradicate martial eagles. International Union for Conservation of Nature has declared the species endangered.

This is the complete list of the largest eagles worldwide, based on their total length.

1.Philippine Eagle (Maximum Length – 112cm).

The Philippine eagle, also called the monkey-eating or great Philippine bird, is a species that can be found in the forests of the Philippines. It has a distinctive appearance with a shaggy crown and a brown-white plumage. It is the longest extant eagle in the world, in terms of its length and wing surface. It is also the Philippine national bird. However, it is listed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature as critically endangered.

2.Harpy Eagle (Maxmum Length – 107cm).

Harpy Eagle, also known as the American harpy eagle, New Guinea harpy eagle, or Papuan harpy eagle, is the largest raptor to be found in rainforests. It thrives in tropical lowland rainforests, especially in the upper (emergent), canopy layer. It is almost extinct in Central America due to habitat destruction. It is also known in Brazil as the royal-hawk, which belongs to the subfamily Harpiinae.

3.Wedge-Tailed Eagle (Maximum length – 106cm).

Wedge-tailed Eagles can be found throughout Australia, from the Top End to Tasmania. It was known to build large nests, or more accurately very large nests. They prefer tall trees in healthy mature forests across Australia. They mate for life in the breeding season, and share the responsibility of caring for the chicks and maintaining the nests.

4.Stellar Sea Eagle (Maxmum Length- 105cm)

Stellar Sea Eagle, scientifically known as Haliaetus Pelagicus, is one of the most majestic eagles on the planet. It used to be found only in far eastern Russia and areas of the Bering Sea and Sea of Okhotsk. They can be found on the Kamchatka Peninsula. They used to migrate to Japan from their breeding grounds. However, they can now travel further afield to Korea and other countries. It mainly ate salmon, and can hunt or scavenge for this food.

5.Crowned Eagle (Maximum length- 99cm).

The Crowned Eagle, also known as the African crown eagle or crowned-hawk-eagle, is a species of eagle that can be found in sub-Saharan Africa. The eagle species prefers to live in riparian forests and other forests. The 90% diet of the eagles species is mammalian. They also eat rock hyrax, small primates and monkeys. [6] Large lizards and birds are rarely taken.

This is the complete list of the largest eagles worldwide based on their body mass.

1.Stellar Sea Eagle(Maximum weight: 9 Kg)

Stellar Sea Eagle is the largest eagle on the planet. Male species can weigh approximately 4.9 to 6 Kg, and females around 6.2 to 9.9 Kg. Stellar’s Sea Eagles are mostly black or dark brown in colour with distinctive white feathers around their necks, shoulders, legs and crowns.

2.Philippine Eagle (Maximum Weight: 8 Kg).

The Philippine eagle is also the largest eagle species based on their mass. The average avarage life span of the eagle species can reach 60 years. Full-grown females are known as Thor (after the Norse God Thunder). Females are bigger than their male counterparts and have better eyesight than us humans.

3.Harpy Eagle (Maximum Weight: 9 Kg).

Harpy Eagle was most commonly seen in Mexico, Central, and South America. The most common species are tree-dwelling mammals, such as squirrels, monkeys and squirrels, birds, iguanas and snakes. This species is well-known for its large black and grey raptor, with huge claws. It can also be found in the Ecuador Amazon rainforests. It prefers tall trees to nest and builds its nests using sticks, branches, plants, and animal fur. It used the same materials to build its nests repeatedly.

4.White-tailed Eagle (Maximum Weight: 7.5 Kg).

The most common areas where the White-Tailed Eagle was seen were Lofoten and Fair Isle, Greenland, North Norway, and Greenland. The location of where the eagle species lives will determine its diet. In some cases, it may eat other birds or otters. They are skilled fishers and can catch fish close to the water’s surface. It can travel up to 70km an hour.