5 Things Humans Do That Drive Cats Crazy

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As much as we’d like to think we’re perfect in our cat’s eyes, it’s near impossible to be perfect to another species. There is bound to be a laundry list of activities we do that drive cats crazy. Of course, if it’s super annoying to your cat, they will just ignore you or simply walk away. However, we should also be striving to improve our actions if we truly annoy our feline friends. Curious about what you could be doing that irritates your cat? The Refined Feline has got answers to these five common pet peeves of cats. 

#1: Non-committed Routines

You may not know it, but cats love having set routines in their lives. When a schedule of events throughout the day is set, it lowers your cat’s overall stress levels, leaving them healthier and happier. Cats who experience environmental changes, according to studies conducted, are twice as likely to become sick than cats who have a set schedule. Whether your cat seems healthy or not, they still prefer routines overall and also reap some health benefits. To stick with a schedule, try feeding your cat at the same time every day. Coming home around the same time is also helpful, as well as cleaning their litter box at the same time. If your cat doesn’t seem happy this could be one reason why their schedule isn’t consistent. Sticking to routines can be difficult to maintain, but can also help ensure that you’re not driving your cat crazy. 

#2: Cranking Up The TV & The Music

Cats have an extraordinary sense of hearing, picking up frequencies humans can’t even hear. A cat’s ear has about thirty muscles, while a human’s ear only has about six. Judging by the frequency levels, cats can even hear better than dogs! But the downfall of a heightened sense is that all the noises and sounds are amplified to them, including the noises we make. If you want loud music while you’re cleaning, your cat may hide under the bed or somewhere away from the noise. Depending on the level you have the music set, it may even hurt your cat’s ears. Since we often forget this big difference between humans and felines, this is a top pet peeve for them. So, if you really want to turn up the volume, make sure your cat has their own space to get away from all the noise.

#3: Moving During The Night With Your Cat

It’s true that cats sleep for the majority of the day. Despite sleeping almost all day, it also doesn’t stop many cats from snuggling up during the night. If you’re a sleeper that consistently tosses and turns throughout the night though, this may be too uncomfortable for your cat. They may find it too troublesome to stay asleep after readjusting every time you move. Even though your cat would have preferred your company, they may decide to go elsewhere for the night. To attain a more comfortable sleep for both you and your cat, try sleeping on your back. Using a sound machine, fan, or another form of white noise can help keep you asleep. Your bedroom’s temperature needs to be well regulated, which can also improve your sleep, and help resist the need to readjust. You will reap the benefits of better rest while keeping your cat content and happy during the night. 

#4: Snuggling Your Cat Against Their Wishes

This may be one of your cat’s biggest pet peeves, but it’s an important and difficult one to break. If you go outside of your cat’s rules, it can make your boundary-driven cat upset with you fairly easily. They’re going to be especially unhappy when the boundary of personal space is broken. We know how difficult it can be not to run over and hug your cats after being away all day! However, respecting your cat’s boundaries will go a long way to building better trust with them over time. When cats are continually placed into positions or activities that they don’t want, they can regress in their relationships. They may begin to want less and less attention from you and others, becoming less of a social butterfly. To avoid doing more harm than good, refrain from forcing affection onto your cat. Instead, be sure to give your cat plenty of attention on their terms or when they ask for affection. You will be able to build a deeper trust with your cat since they know you’re paying attention to their needs.   

#5: The Formidable Cat Carrier

Every cat owner knows that most cats aren’t fans of the carrier or the crate, often even afraid of it. Cats need to travel outside of the house, though, especially for vet visits. But this often leads most cats to associate the carrier with a stressful trip to the vet. Although we as cat owners would love to avoid this pet peeve of cats, it’s simply unavoidable. There are ways that you can make it less stressful for your cats, however. Using the carrier so cats won’t associate it with a trip to the vet or a big move is the way to go. Keeping the carrier out all the time can help cats get more relaxed with it. Place a super soft blanket inside so they can sleep and stretch in it during the day. To help them explore it more, put some treats, catnip, or toys inside to entice them. This will encourage your cats to get comfortable with the carrier outside of the usual traveling stresses. It can make loading them into the carrier much easier and less fear-inducing for both you and your cat. Your cat may even realize how much they like the carrier over time! 

The Pet Peeves To Avoid

Hopefully, you can easily avoid this list of pet peeves! In doing so, you can help build a stronger relationship with your cat. You will end up spending more quality time with your cat. And that can definitely help lower the chances of doing one or more of these pet peeves!