Care for your pets during a heatwave

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We wait patiently through winter for the weather warm enough to allow us to enjoy the sun with our pets. We worry about our pets getting too hot and suffering heat exhaustion once the sun finally comes out.

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There are many things we can do to help our pets stay cool and hydrated in the heat of summer. If we pay attention to the weather and plan accordingly, it is possible for us to enjoy the summer sun together in a safe and healthy way.

Water is essential for your daily life.

Keep water bowls at home. It is important to make sure it is always topped up with fresh water at least once a day. This will ensure it doesn’t get too hot. If your pet is feeling too hot, you can add ice cubes. This will make the water even more refreshing. Rosewood Chillax Cool Soak Bone Dog Toys are a great way for pets to get extra water. They also make great toys to have fun with.

Make sure you have plenty of water for your journey if you’re going away from home. To keep it colder, place it in a cooler case. PetGear’s Travel Water Bottle is ideal for providing your pet with cool water while on the go. The bottle is leakproof and has an attached bowl. It’s lightweight and compact.

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Take care to time your walks

The middle of the day is the hottest. If you can, avoid taking your pet on walks between noon and 3pm. It is cooler in the mornings and evenings so these are the best times to take your pet out. Take water and a bowl if you plan to walk a long distance. If you have to walk in the heat, a Prestige Cool Dog Cooling Dog Coat can help keep your dog’s temperature down.

It is important to not over-exercise your pets in hot weather. Walking is better than running, and even though your dog may love to chase a ball, this will only make them more tired and hotter. Shaded areas at home are a great way for cats and dogs to cool down after being outside in the heat. Rosewood Cool Down Foldable Pet Paddling Pools are great to put in your garden for cooling off after a long walk or just for a refreshing dip during the day.

Take care of your pet’s boundaries

Use an animal friendly sunscreen cream to protect your pet’s sensitive skin. It is important to keep your pet cool and comfortable during the summer heat. A pet that has matted or tangled hair will be more susceptible to heat retention, which can make them feel uncomfortable.

Although it may seem like a good idea, dogs should not be forced to swim in the water. They may become anxious if they don’t like the water and panic, which can lead to more heat. The heatwave can cause pain for pets’ paws, which are extremely sensitive. It would be uncomfortable for us to walk on hot concrete with our bare feet, but it wouldn’t be comfortable for dogs.

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Heat stroke: Know the signs

It is important to recognize these signs, as pets cannot tell you when they feel unwell. You can help your pet make a rapid recovery by getting on top of it quickly.

You should be aware of excessive panting, increased heartbeat, dry or pale gums, and drooling. You may notice your pet seeming unsteady and weak on their legs. If you suspect your pet may be suffering from heatstroke, take them out of direct sunlight and place them in a cool area. Do not plunge them in cold water, as they could be shocked. For advice, call your vet or, if you’re not at home, take your pet with you to an emergency veterinary clinic.

There are other ways pets can stay cool

Your fish are important! To prevent the water heating up, ensure that your fish tank is kept out of direct sunlight. You can keep indoor birds cool with a mister spray. They will love the cold water and feel it through their feathers.

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Vegetables and fruits have a natural supply water. These can be fed to pets to provide some cooling relief from the heat, and to make sure they have enough water. The Danish Design Blue Cooling Dog Mattress can be used inside or outside the house to cool your pet. You can also roll it up and bring it along on your pet-friendly holiday.